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Our scientific base is within applied neuroscience, positive psychology, and EQ leadership. We work hybridly, glocal and towards the UNSDGs. We empower teams with a growth mindset and excellent collaboration skills. If you love an innovative design thinking approach, you will love our events.

Design your new blue print to adapt to the world we live in and be an active creator of the future


Boosting and building trusting relationships to promote performance and wellbeing through applied neuroscience.

AHA! Skills Playbook

A future skills accelerator to empower human potenvtial: cognitive, socio-emotional, spiritual, physical, environmental and digital.

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AHA! Aha Fun And Games Lab

Applied neuroscience activities to boost human connection, communication, collaboration and creativity.

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AHA! Hackathons

Building skills and developing the mindset of the future, to co-design sustainable solutions for societal and planetary challenges.

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Skills playbook

The Playbook empowers you to build the competences and skills you need in order to thrive in the world we live in.

The world is changing rapidly. Humans are adaptable. There are some fundamentals we need: love, food, water, roof over our heads, safety and a sense of belonging. The Aha Skills playbook includes building competences and skills in these vital areas: cognitive, socio-emotional, spiritual, physical, environmental and digital.

Unlock human potential, enhance performance and promote wellbeing.


Knowledge and understanding of our brain through neuroscience, growth mindset and creative problem solving skills will enhance well-being, learning and performance.


Knowledge about human behavior, through emotional intelligence and positive psychology, enhance the understanding of self, our strengths & areas of improvement, and how to relate to others. When we have excellent collaboration and communication skills, we can solve things more easily. One conversation at a time.


Your own personal beliefs and values give direction to live a life with meaning and purpose. Relationships are strengthened by empathy, compassion and tolerance towards others. The process of practising mindfulness and self-awareness brings inner peace and connection to others.


Knowledge about the brain and body connection, motivation (extrinsic and intrinsic), healthy habits, and physical activity provides a good foundation to thrive - and not only survive during the challenging times we are living.


We are active creators in the local communities where we live and share resources. When we have a sense of belonging, when we are part of an engaging, regenerative community, the chances for sustainable, safe societies are higher.


What does it mean to be human in a global age of technology? The UNESCO definition of digital literacy is the ability to access, manage, understand, integrate, communicate, evaluate and create information safely and appropriately, through digital technologies.

Applied neuroscience help shaping and designing effective and fun learning experiences to accelerating learning.




Hack-style sessions for the 21st-century learners.

Redesigning education

We believe that the starting point in education is to educate the heart, to be able to grow and develop as a human being together with others and in a regenerative way with nature.


Young people should be given opportunities to explore their passions in an entrepreneurial & project-based manner where student agency is in the spotlight. The world is transdisciplinary and not divided into subjects.


The educators serve as learning guides who facilitate the space, and co-create with the students. The classroom is a classroom without walls, where everyone in the learning community can learn and teach, where students submerge into real-life, authentic projects where contact with local and global communities are self-evident.


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The Future of Education

Health and
Hackathon for Youth

A skills-based, collaborative action-focused Idea-a-thon, based on the Aha! Future Mindset Playbook © for sustainable societies. This is a hybrid event.



Fun and Games Lab

Boosting individual and team performance + well-being through creative applied neuroscience & positive psychology games.

This is a catalyst for team building, team cohesion and a place where everyone belongs. We love holding our labs outdoors in nature when possible. The goal is to develop solid EQ Leadership and trusting relationships.

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Applied neuroscience help shaping and designing effective and fun learning experiences to accelerating learning.

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