What we do: Unlock human potential, enhance academic performance and promote well-being.

AHA! WELLBEING is a holistic program that covers physical, emotional and social well-being. It enables students to have physical activities every day and learn more about the growth mindset. The educators work through the Athlete’s Mindset for Educators and co-create the program with the students. The physical training is a mix of anaerobic, aerobic, strength, agility, and co-ordination training.

The program is based on applied neuroscience and educators learn about neurotransmitters and how to apply that knowledge when forming relationships with the students and create engaging learning activities.


The AHA! WELLBEING program started as the Move and Learn program, a professional learning initiative, based on scientific research and data, at the International School of Helsingborg. It was a response to wanting to give students the opportunity to be more physically active throughout the course of a school day, in order to enhance academic performance and well-being.

The founders Dejan Jovanovic, Yvette Larsson and Nanna Spetz ran a pilot in three classes during the school year of 2019-2020. As of August 2020 all the grade 2-6 classes at the Primary Years Program now had scheduled the Move and Learn program. As of January 2021 the grade 1 classes could also enjoy Move and Learn.

In January we also started to work with the educators through the “Athlete’s Mindset for Educators Program” and the teachers were now actively included in the Move and Learn program.

As of August 2021 all PYP1-6 classes run the program and Nanna Spetz serves as the WELLBEING Instructor at school, co-creating with the educators and learners.

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