You can change the way you think. When you do so, you can also change the way you act and take on life challenges. You can design your life and overcome obstacles more efficiently with an Athlete’s Mindset. Our program has its’ foundation in Sports Psychology with a focus on growth mindset and applied neuroscience.

One of the most – if not the most – important factors of student success in school is the educator in the room.

We CARE about teacher well-being pre-, during, and post- covid, and we have developed a Hackathon Sprint to develop and accelerate an athlete’s mindset for educators.

The Athlete’s Mindset for Educators is part of the Aha! WellBeing program that covers physical, social, and emotional health for students and educators, anchored in the IB PSPE curriculum.

Us educators have been extremely challenged during the pandemic. It’s like we were all running a marathon together where we needed to be enduring + show resilience. It’s not been easy.

We come with a powerful program that speaks 2021, based on applied neuroscience, focusing on building an oxytocin + serotonin-rich culture in the learning community, where community members laugh and have fun together despite hardships. We focus on the role of endorphins and dopamine for student and educator engagement and building trusting environments.

When educators are seen and heard they feel better and can show up with more ease, authenticity and warmth together with the students.

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