We are a boutique-style education concept that transforms learning through fun & bite-sized, innovative & instantly useful hack-style sessions for the 21st-century learners.

We are driven by the fourth UN sustainable development goal: “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”

Redesigning education

We believe that the starting point in education is to educate the heart, to be able to grow and develop as a human being together with others.

Young people should be given opportunities to explore their passions in an entrepreneurial & project-based manner where student agency is in the spotlight. The world is transdisciplinary and not divided into subjects, so should 2021 learning also be.

The educators serve as learning guides who facilitate the space, and co-create with the students. The classroom is a classroom without walls, where everyone in the learning community can learn and teach, where students submerge into real-life, authentic projects where contact with local and global communities are self-evident.

There is a balance between knowledge and skills+concept-based learning. Essential skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and care are at the core and students learn how to work in a learning eco-system where they use concepts in order to create transferability between areas.

We give young people the opportunity to spend lots of time outdoor and be physical activity. We ignite a growth mindset approach and give young people the possibility to cultivate a mindfulness practice where they can create healthy self-reflection coping skills.

We inspire young people to develop their critical thinking skills and work on their problem-solving skills, in order to tackle societal and planetary challenges. We need to be excellent communicators and creative collaborators to thrive in our communities. We need to work together and enhance that sense of belonging.

Applied neuroscience help shaping and designing effective and fun learning experiences to accelerating learning.

A.I is here and all that can be digitalized will be so. We exist in that synergy. We explore the space of what does it mean to be human in a era of constant change and fast technology? -Will it be so, that when technology is just the tool
to help us in our everyday lives, we will stop talking so much about tech itself and start focusing on:- The deeper meanings of what it means to be human
– How to connect deeper
– How to better care more for each other and for the planet?

The future is humanistic. During covid we’ve seen what happens with us when our physical connections are reduced.

Let’s build something together.