GameChangers and PeaceKeepers’ Hackathon for Youth: the Future of Education at Hetch/H22

A Game-Changers & Peace-Keepers’ Hackathon for Youth: The Future of Education, a skills-based, collaborative action-focused Idea-a-thon, based on the Aha! Future Mindset Playbook (c) for sustainable societies.

This is a hybrid event that is coming to H22 City Expo in collaboration with HETCH AB June 4th.

Age: 13-20 years of age.
In English

In this Hackathon the participants will work with developing key skills to thrive in the world we live in now:

Social – emotional

We will look at how to promote peaceful actions through promoting well-being and inclusion through education:

  • Safety & trust: When there is love and care, aggression will find it difficult to get a grip.
  • Communication skills: When we have excellent & elaborated communication skills we can solve things more easily, one conversation at the time.
  • Self management skills: When we don’t act upon impulse, when we analyse, when we consider different perspectives, when we synthesise information; chances are higher that we can avoid conflict.
  • Team work & Collaboration: Humans are great collaborators when it really matters. That’s one of the skills that made our spieces survive, even though others were physically stronger.
  • Empathy, compassion with others: When we have the capability to put ourselves in other people’s shoes; the risk of conflict is less palpable.
  • Inclusion, a sense of belonging: When we have a sense of belonging, when we are part of a healthy community, the chance for sustainable, peaceful societies is greater.

UNSDGs in particular ( and of course all are important):

3: Health and well-being
4: Education
16: Peace, justice and strong institutions.

The participants will work collaboratively to find solutions that can strengthen education for the 21st century.

Founders: Yvette Larsson and Nanna Spetz MSc. LP of Aha!

Register a team of 3 here:

Photo: the AHA! Hackathon for Youth: The Future of Education is Now, Hetch, September 2021.

Please share + spread the word! 🙏

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