Young Leader: Nannah Hallberg, Head of the Youth Council in Helsingborg

Nannah Hallberg, Head of the Youth Council in Helsingborg is one of the seven all-female jury members for the Hackathon.

We asked her to tell us about her innovation and education journey in brief. This is what she said.

“I am currently studying the international social science program with specialization in behavioral science at ProCivitas Helsingborg. 

I have been dreaming about making a change since as long as I can remember. When I was 6 years old I was glued in front of the TV, watching the election. So when my other classmates talked about growing up being princesses and superheroes, I wanted to be in Sweden’s first female Prime Minister. 

It took long time before I was brave enough to get in to politics but when I finally did, it was like I was meant to do it. So said and done – I joined a youth party and became a part of the youth council in Helsingborg at the age of 16. Today, I am the President of the youth council in Helsingborg. I started because I wanted to make a change and I can not thank myself enough for starting to engage. Everyone should do something to make a difference in their life – because democracy is a privilege! “

We are so happy to have you onboard the Hackathon journey!

You can find her here:



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