Raheen Fatima, a Multi-Talented 14- year old Global Leader

Raheen Fatima is a multi-talented young global leader, a role model for her peers and with a strong will to create change in the communities which she belongs. I met this 14 year old girl when she interviewed me for her vlog and we spoke about learning and education. Raheen is one of our seven jury members for the Hackathon,

Raheen, please let us know a bit about your background when it comes to learning and education.

“My education is  very unique, as I was a curious student and keen to learn not just for grades but for understanding.  I was mocked and  punished for asking logical questions like ” why are we studying this “. I realised that being an innovative and curious individual in the orthodox educational institution will ruin my inquisitive nature and thirst to learn. By the age of 12 I had learned how to express myself innovatively through projects in an environment where only grades matter. Now that I have explored my learning style and studied different educational models across the globe, I have learned that the one size fits all approach in education doesn’t work anymore. So now I am pursuing my education through various unorthodox schools.”

What do we need to keep, develop and bin to create learning for 21st century learners?

“We need to bin the standardized syllabus based on the so-called ” average learner” . We should focus on learning rather than grades and forgo the orthodox assessments. The teacher should be a facilitator and peer learning should be encouraged. PBL is the best way to learn. We need to create an inclusive environment for learners of all socioeconomic backgrounds.”

You can find Raheen here: LinkedIn

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