What shall we keep, develop and bin? The Future of Education is Now: A Hackathon for Youth

A Hackathon for Youth: The Future of Education is Now.

It is happening September 10-13, 2021! Even though a Hackathon has an element of competition, we see it as a global, creative collaboration and a chance for school leaders and learners of progressive, cutting-edge schools to connect and possibly develop things together, paving the way for changing the game of learning and education 2021 and beyond.

The stories that come after the Hackathon are important. The narrative that they will create will be transformative. They will inspire to an acceleration of change, of new stories within learning and education.

All of the participating teams are already in the forefront of learning in the 21st century, coming from schools that puts innovation in education in the spotlight for the benefit of the learners, and our earth. We can all learn from each other and have fun!

The teams are from Helsingborg/ Sweden, New York/USA Avenues: The World School Barcelona / Spain Learnlife UK, Netherlands Agora Roermond, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, India/ Vega schools, Thailand Coconut Thinking
Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

What is it that young people around the globe are talking about? What do they want to keep, develop and bin when it comes to education for 21st-century people?

This weekend is for them. We want to co-create with them, to find learning processes that serves 21st century learners. Young people are so seldom heard. It is us adults who talk, participate in conferences and so forth. Young people needs to be part of the discourse.

We are happy to collaborate with Learnlife on this one and have had great support from Bryan Gibson and Stefany Bogatan.

Helsingborgs stad #visionsfonden believes in this idea and also support us.
Idea coach Alexandra Hvalgren has given us valuable insights on how to write an application. Thank you!

Tommy Boije intrapreneur at #hbgworks has offered to film the event and we are so thankful for this.

We are humbly appreciative for the personal learning that goes into a project like this and can’t wait for September to come and we will be at awesome HETCH AB in Helsingborg. Ever so grateful for being able to be there! Thank you Aliya Sabir

-> https://lnkd.in/ei83Nqr

What happens in a community, in societies when we educate the heart?

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