Fredriksdahl is Art – Outdoor Work Day May 27

We are firm believers in all that is outdoor: learn outdoor, play outdoor, work outdoor, explore outdoor, spend time with loved ones outdoor.

On May 27 Fredriksdahl invites us all to work outside. I love that initiative! However, imagine that we now need to have a special day to remind us about this? Something that is so natural for humans? Being outside.

I grew up 100 kilometres above the Arctic Circle, in Swedish Lapland. The mountains, the lakes and forests were my playgrounds. We didn’t have indoor play centers or malls. We sometimes drove 3 hrs to a big city to buy clothes.

As a teenager I was longing for the world and wondered what I did in such a far away place.

Today I am hugely grateful for my free upbringing there. I thank my creativity and innovation skills from growing up where the sun never sets in summer, and where green Nordic lights create magic on dark winter skies.

It’s now 2021 and the apple trees are in bloom in our urban oasis, Fredriksdahl, Helsingborg. -Go there! Reconnect, breathe, smile, be happy!

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