Visionsfonden + A Hackathon for Youth: The Future of Education = Reality


We have been granted money from the Helsingborgs stad municipality’s Innovation Fund #visionsfonden, to do the “A Hackathon for Youth: The Future of Education” in Helsingborg.

We are super excited for that!

Education is in a paradigm shift. We want to make the world more sustainable for us humans.

Young people need to be listen to. We exist in that space and want to hear what they have to say about education 2021 and beyond.

A Hackathon for Youth will bring young people together, to collaborate and have a possibility to shape the future of education in Helsingborg and beyond!

Thank you #visionsfonden for believing in our ideas and for helping us to pave way for developing a learning eco-system for 21st-century learners.

This is an important milestone for us and for young people!

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