The Just Move Hackathon: “Safety is the Foundation of a Strong Team”. Humour Enables Safety.

In line with this week’s development of the Just Move Well-Being for Educators and Students Program at the International School of Helsingborg (IB), we met with the PYP3 teachers today and worked on developing the Just Move well-being program to fit THEIR specific needs.

We were talking about areas such as the impact of different neurotransmitters in the room, growth mindset, social- and emotional well-being, a classroom without walls, outdoor education, cognitive performance made happen through the brain and body connection, agency, and much more.

When you meet the PYP3 teachers you notice the fun and the smiles. They are open-minded, growth-mindset thinkers, and EXTREMELY creative! When we add #endorphins to a situation anything can happen: creativity, healthy communication, fruitful collaboration, and critical thinking made useful and constructive.

Thank you to our Swedish-British-Czech-Spanish team Hanna, Sarah, Anna and Marco for an energetic and valuable afternoon.

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