Just Move, a Well-being Program for Students and Educators.

{ WELL-BEING IN SCHOOLS } We are designing a learning eco-system of a holistic well-being program at the International School of Helsingborg where the health of students and teachers is in the spotlight.

We piloted the program during the school year 2019-2020 with a focus on physical education every day. In august 2020 we implemented the program for all PYP. During the pandemic we saw the need to focus on educators’ health too and implemented the Athlete’s mindset for educators. The program is anchored in the IB PYP PSPE curriculum and adress the whole human being.

Just Move enhances cognitive performance and well-being. It’s based on neuroscience, the growth mindset, the principles of identity+active living +interaction, influenced by physical literacy and addresses the whole human being.

In February 2021 we held a Hackathon Sprint + Feedback and Support sessions with grade 1-6 PYP teachers.

They defined the now, looked at the challenges they had, what they wanted to keep, what they wanted to develop and what the ideal situation would look like.

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