Empower Educators


Student excellence in school is highly dependent on the educator in the room, the way the educator sees the student, creates safety and uses effective and engaging learning strategies.

My 16-year old son goes to IBMYP 5 and does ONLINE learning. My 13-year old daughter goes to IBMYP 2 does BLENDED learning: onsite/online. I, who teach PYP 5&6 do ONSITE learning. The primary years program has been open all the time throughout the pandemic in Sweden.

Educators + agility = true.

How to EMPOWER educators then, so we won’t see burn outs?

The pandemic has proven the importance of educators as essential workers in society, and schools with important core functions in society.

So: HOW to ameliorate educators’ working conditions, upscale salaries and attract young people to become teachers?

In Sweden there is a lack of 23.000 teachers.

Teachers’ well-being is crucial and must be prioritized. A happy and healthy teacher will show up with authenticity, warmth, ease and passion in the classroom.

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