Education is about the exploration of the soul

Education is about the exploration of the soul, about purpose. Education is not a one-fits-all activity.

We write 2021. It’s time to reflect on: What serves young people now? What needs to be developed? What do we need to bin? What would the ideal learning situations be?

Learning eco-systems are human-made, hence, humans can change those eco-systems too when the systems don’t serve us any-longer.

We have the possibility now to create more individualized learning experiences for young people, where they explore their heart’s yearnings and purpose, where they develop their creativity, enhance their communication, collaboration and innovation skills to take on societal and planetary challenges.

The social, emotional and physical health of our youth must be in the spotlight and get our TLC. Health is the foundation. If there is worry, too little exercise, lack of sleep, disengagement the young person will find it more difficult to learn and connect with others.

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