A Math Mindset

MATH. We experience that many students lack confidence in Math so we have set up #microlearnings to empower, what we call, a Math Mindset. Growth mindset for Math.

We help the students to realize that their brain is mouldable, has neuroplasticity, and can change.

We show them the notion of specificity: If you practice tennis you will be skillful in tennis. If you practice the timetables, you will become good at multiplication.

We strengthen their mindset by statements like:

– I am not there YET.
I may need more time.
I may need another method.
I may need some help.

We foster a learning community where there are “shoulder buddies” and teams to ask, where the students learn from each other. We encourage them to ask questions and applaud each other when succeeding.

We look at mistakes as golden opportunities from where we can learn.

You would hear us say: “Wow, great opportunity here. Let’s explore how we can solve it”.

We ignite collaborative learning, that we learn with and from each other.

Curious? Ask us Aha! Accelerating Education


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