The Role of Safety in Any Human Relationship.

{ CONNECTION } The FIRST thing we humans do when we meet another human is to quickly scan the situation as a threat ( survival ) or a safe place to be. We do this quickly and automatically. We analyze body-language, face expressions, tone of voice and words. It’s all well wired in the old part of our brain. Depending on the answer – threat or safety- we form the relationship, the collaboration.

Here comes the most important part.

SAFETY is the number one factor in how a relationship / collaboration will continue.

It determines the way you will communicate and relate to each other.

It tells if the ceiling is high, if there is room for failure and development. If the energy is breathable or tense. If the “temperature” is cold, warm or hot.

It also predicts if there is room for laughter, quirkyness and fun.

Let’s go back to threat or safety.

If there is some sort of threat hanging in the air the relationship / collaboration will have some degrees of cortisol. Cortisol can be good because it helps our survival, but it also triggers fear, anger, frustration etc. What will happen with collaboration if there is fear?

If we feel safe; oxytocin and serotonin will enter our system and communication, collaboration & creativity can develop better.

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