Connection to Nature

N a t u r e – Is our home, it teaches us most of the things we need to know: love, care, beauty, the grandness of being alive, have fun, calm, excitement, awe, happiness, survival, resilience, creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, presence, connection, imagination, prediction, scenario planning, physical activity, a sense for details, opening our senses, sensing the energy of all living things and how all is connected, breathing, meta-cognition …. and so much more.

Nature makes us calmer and more clear-minded.

When I was a kid, the mountains & forests were my playgrounds up in Lapland. There were no indoor play centers, hardly any stores not to mention malls, no Yoump Yards, not much being “served” to us, so we had to be creative ourselves.

Dundret. Photo: Ebba Carlsson.

As an adult, I am often drawn to the sea. That’s why I live five minutes walk from the seashore.

If I had a day of too much dwelling in my thinking, I would seek the sea to put the balance right. It helps!

Most indigenous people have a sacred connection to nature, to earth. The Sami people up in the north of Sweden feel the soul in every living object. That’s how I grew up to be too. My dad often guided my thinking when it came to being kind to nature, just by prioritizing spending time there. He would know what plants, trees, and animals were called and could tell stories about them. My mum sometimes said that it was my dad’s and my Sami genes that often pulled us out into the wilderness! That we got restless having to be indoors.

I found it difficult to be indoors too long, and as an adult, I have a strong pull to go outside…

They say that a child who lives close to nature will never hurt her.🔆☀️🌊🌴🌲🌻❄️🏔

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