Podcasts and webinars about the future of education

This summer I have indulged in webinars and podcasts that have one thing in common: the future of education. I will give you more elaborated descriptions of the contents soon.

There is so much possibility for educators to use this extended staff room which is LinkedIn. At LinkedIn you will find so much valuable content for educators! That’s the place where I go first when I wish to develop in any area that is work related.

What I noticed this summer is that educators around the globe are talking pretty much about the same things, how to develop learning experiences for the 21st-century learner. I must say that the IB has come a long way and I am happy to be a PYP teacher.

My favourite pod this summer is The Game Changers: “The Game Changers podcast aims not only to put a spotlight on the innovative ideas shaping the landscape of 21st century schooling, but to enter into a deep dialogue with those brave pioneers, the true game changers in education. These individuals, these leaders in education, don’t wait for permission. They are courageous enough to make real change in their learning communities as they foster the growth of each young person in their care and equip them with the necessary character, confidence, and competencies to flourish in a new world environment.”

Here are three very powerful episodes:

The Game Changers pod is Australian and I participated in an Australian webinar earlier this week where the speakers spoke about agility in education.

AgileEd: lessons learned from introducing Agile to a K12 school.

I also listened to speakers at the Education disrupted, education reimagined webinar: https://www.wise-qatar.org/education-disrupted-education-reimagined-part-2/

Earlier this summer I spend a full day, glued to my computer listening to inspiring speakers from all over the world at the T4 conference. T4 connects educators from all over the world.

The International School of Geneva, Switzerland hosted a very interesting webinar today through The Ecolint platform about Researched Informed Practice in Education connected to the future of education.

On Tuesday I will listen to amazing Anna Tebelius Bodin who specialises in neuroscience and how we can use that knowledge in our roles as educators.

Stay tuned for more…

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