A fun and bite-sized learning session about dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin. A dinner with meaning.

Yesterday evening was astounding in Helsingborg. It was one of those perfect summer evenings that you never wanted to end!

As we are all home, on a staycation, Nanna and I decided to set out on a mission, on a learning journey to host events about the future of education and learning, to ignite change. We are designing and creating a new eco-system of learning for the 21st century learners in Helsingborg and beyond.

We started this platform, this hub, to create possibilities for people to meet and discuss the future of education and learning, as we felt that there is no such forum in Helsingborg that meets that need.

We refer to this hub as “Fun and bite-sized innovative learning sessions for the 21st-century learner”

The world is changing so rapidly and we need to change with it. There is climate change to tackle, COVID-19 that still is present in our lives, machine learning is changing the learning landscape. There is so much to talk about and act upon!

Yesterday we met at the beach restaurant Fria Bad och Bar and we had prepared a few activities about neurotransmitters for the participants + how they can use the knowledge about neurotransmitters in their every day lives to thrive and maintain healthy relationships.

One of the discussion questions was about the prime task of our brain:

The prime task of the brain is to keep us alive, it’s all about survival! In each situation, with each person you meet,  you automatically scan the situation+person as either threatening OR strengthening!  How can you now implement this knowledge in your everyday life? 

Another discussion topic was about oxytocin:

Oxytocin is the feel-good, love neurotransmitter. Oxytocin is in your blood when you feel loved when you care for someone or even when you just see someone caring for someone else. Oxytocin is present when someone tells a captivating story. It is there when you feel trust in a relationship when there are solidarity and togetherness. You lower your guard, your learning feels easier, collaboration happens and you feel more open-minded and creative.  

How can you develop sustainable relationships where the oxytocin is flowing?


This is what Special Needs Specialist Felicity Almonte said about the event:

I have attended two events organized by Yvette Larsson and Nanna Spetz so far pertaining to some thought-provoking topics surrounding pedagogy in education and it has been very interesting and fun! I am motivated to join for socialization purposes as the agenda and the venues of these events have also been enticing. Both Yvette and Nanna have their own unique strengths and they set a wonderful and inviting mood together to get the discussion going. I love the activities and the games they have created together so far! Meeting new people and experiencing what the city has to offer are great bonuses!”

Stephanie Kremser, also a Special Needs Professional, said this:

“I really liked the activity with the dice – I just enjoy games and when you naturally make the connection with the content. Even though I have a good knowledge about neurotransmitters – I think ☺️- it was always more of a “passive“ knowledge. Now I have a better understanding of how wide the field is, and where I can apply this knowledge – not only for my work but for me in private as well. I can take control of the steering wheel.”

Sarah Jayne, PYP teacher expressed herself like this:

“Thank you Yvette and Nanna for a lovely evening at Fria bad och bar! I loved that the group was so diverse and we were able to share our perspectives and learn about neuroscience in a warm and fun environment. The games were fun and the questions provoking! I hope you will organise more events in the future. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻”

Adrian Copos said : “Thank you Yvette and Nanna and whole group. It feels good to be part of these events and meet you. There is always something interesting to learn and to feel the dopamine, endorphins and oxytocins 🙂 Hope and light, togetherness and fun good stuff to keep people alive. 🙏”

Hope to see you at one of our events!

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