Neuroscience in everyday life

NEUROSCIENCE – did you know that in EACH situation, with EACH person you meet; you automatically scan the situation and person as either threatening OR strengthening/safe!

IMAGINE what impact you can make on people in your surroundings, knowing that you either threaten them or give them strength and safety. If you work with groups; this knowledge is ULTRA important.

Think of how you worked with tasks at school as a student: was it because you felt threatened or because you felt strengthened / enjoyed the learning / felt safe? Think of the same and put it in the context of your work. Do you have a strengthening work environment where you are?

These are things that Nanna Spetz I will speak about on Friday’s Dinners with Meaning at Fria Bad & Bar 🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆 We will be preparing the activities today!

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