Walk and Talk: The Future of Education

The Future of Education and Learning. If you are a parent, teacher, rockstar, teacher-rockstar, innovator, municipality co-creator, business angel, entrepreneur-gig-artist or someone else who is interested in the future of education and learning, please join us on Tuesday at 10am for an A W E S O M E “Walk and Talk”, starting at gorgeous Vikingsbergsparken.

It’s free of charge.

Myself and Nanna Spetz will be your guides. Read more here :

DATE: Tuesday the 16th of June.

TIME: 10am.

PLACE: We will meet up at Vikingsbergsparken, Helsingborg by the Tågagatan entrance..

We will walk towards Sofiero and back again, finishing the walk by the Pålsjö Pavillion.

You will be given a few topics to talk about such as:

“What are the 21st century skills and how can we use them to learn, thrive and develop?”

“How is motivation boosted by the knowledge in neurosciense, i.e oxytocin, dopamin and endorphins”

“What is the importance of movement for learning”

“How to develop a growth mindset au lieu de a fixed mindset”

“What is the power of concept based learning?”

“The importance of fun” ( yeah)

…and more.

IB educators Nanna Spetz and Yvette Larsson will be your guides.

Please email your interest on : yvettesmiles@gmail.com or whatsapp me on 070-8558101

Free of charge.

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