Student-led learning experiences

“We are moving from an era of mass education, when students flexed to the pace of the curriculum, to an era where the curriculum can move to the pace of the student” – Sal Khan / Khan Academy.

With the digitalization HUMANS ( at any age ) CAN design an individual education plan more easily than ever before. Differentiation is key. Different people need different things.

The time of the one-fits-all education is long gone. Passed that station. So 1998.

We want to encourage a lust for life-long learning.

My 10-11 year old PYP5 students are working as if they were project managers organizing their work on Google Drive, writing and presenting pieces with tools and apps that many adults do too. The students talk to each other on WhatsApp and they create groups for their projects, they make short tutorials and put them out on YouTube for the benefit of other students ( yes, with their parents permission).

When I work with kids and learning ; age almost fade away. There is so much that kids CAN do and with the digitalization there is no end to how far a kid can reach, world wide #gretatunberg #malala.

This is one of the things I’m talking about on LinkedIn, with educators from all over the world.
See you there?

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