Educational Webpages

Educational webpages

Dear friends all over the world,

Here are a few educational webpages that can be useful during times of homeschooling.

In Sweden schools are still running but friends around the globe ask me lots of questions about educational webpages, so I started putting together this one.

If you are using a good webpage/ portal and you wish to recommend it: please email me on : and I will add it to the list.

My experience as a teacher is from the IB curriculum and the Swedish curriculum. I am also familiar with the British curriculum as my son is studying his GCSE’s at the moment.

Google Drive : Classroom, Mail, Folders, Earth: Arts and Culture, Games,  Surveys, Slides


Khan Academy:


Math pages:




Audible, Australia :

Doodle with Mo Wilems:

P.E / Let’s move :

Science webpages:


Read alouds:

Mindfulness for kids:

Digital artbooks:

Art & Music:

Kids Yoga Videos:

Art: Tour of Frida Kahlo’s house:

Design: free tour of Versaille :

Historical childrens’ books:

Classical music to listen to:

Lovely ideas for home schooling: ->

Storytime from space:


Museums, virtual tours :



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