The Strengths of the IB during Challenging Times

Here is a personal, short thought about the strengths of the IB during challenging times like these.

Now is a good time to deeply put in use our fundament in the IB teaching and learning.

We need the learner profile  BALANCED in order to keep our inner calm and focus. We need to be CARING to others.

Many people are in quarantine around the globe and others practice self-isolation. In Sweden schools are still open.

Now is a good time to really put into practice the IB values, be the global leaders that we are aspiring to be.

We can practice our ATL-skills; for example critical thinking skills and research skills trying to understand the reality around us and make good decisions.

It’s important to look deeper at events in the scope of our IB CONCEPTS :
🏆Form->what is it, the corona virus ?
🏆Function – how does it work? How does it spread?
🏆Connection – how are things in society connected at this time now and what effect does these events have on my community ?
🏆Change – how does the situation change literally by the day?

We can look much deeper into the UOI’s ; “Who we are “ as people in times like these, how we care for each other, how governments, organizations and communities make decisions and “How we organize ourselves”.

We will for sure come to a point when we will reflect on how we are “Sharing the planet” amongst humans and other living things.


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