I’m waking up every morning and thinking that I’m blessed with good health. Yeah, of course I had the flue this year and yes, my back do hurt a bit, but in general terms I am in good health!

I can stretch in the morning and warm up my body.

I can make myself a cup of tea. I can drink it and enjoy the taste because my taste buds works brilliantly! I can take a long walk by the sea, because my feet and legs are functioning well. I can challenge myself to get in better shape, because I work hard with my mindset, to become stronger and stronger.

I can choose to buy my bread from a bakery with sourdough bread instead of white airy bread, because I live in a place where it is possible.

I can stop and smell the roses, those wild ones that still have the smell, as opposed to those imported ones I can buy in the store, with no smell. I can admire the shape of the rose and think of how beautiful nature is in its pure ty.

I can watch the sea and listen to it when it breaks the shore, because my eyes function well with my contact lenses or glasses and my ears are OK.

I can watch my kids grow up and support them through their challenges and celebrations.

We can watch a sunrise and a sunset with them.

I can come back to home. There I can work and relax. I can make good food for my family, because I have a job that gives me an OK salary.

I am lucky, because not only do I have a job, but one that is meaningful and fun!

I am appreciative for my wonderful parents, who were always by our side.

I have friends who know me since I was 8, whom are like my sisters. Sometimes we don’t see each other for ages, but it doesn’t matter.…and yeah, we laugh so much when we see this picture from the 1980’s.

I can travel and see the world, broaden my mind, feel love for the connectedness I can feel with people in other places in the world.

Yeah, I’m in awe for life.

We are blessed to live!

Have a fabulous Sunday !

In memory of my dear friend Lotta.

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