Monday connection : when technology and humanity meet.


This Monday connection is about when technology meets with humanity. This picture is taken at the opening of a Karl Lagerfeld runway fashion show. It is provoking in its kind and a reminder to us human beings to be conscious about human values and humanity itself. 

A robot can alleviate every day life and make things more efficient for us. A robot will be able to do tasks that may now be looked upon as stealing time for us. I , as a mum, may, in a short future , have more quality time with my children because of the Internet of Things. 

I think that is good. 

In a bigger perspective I think that us human beings is going towards societies where more people may be able to spend more time with what is humanity at its core : creating deep relationships with others and be a part of authentic communities , create a life that is happier and healthier – less stressful , help each other more, struggle together and find solutions together, laugh together , take care of nature and create a better world . 

It seems to me that we have amazing opportunity to unite in our humanity , through social media , make ideas come alive , with people around the globe and take care of the earth we live on. 

It also seems to me that we have great possibility to actually create more balance and more justice, as people demand more authenticity , more real experiences , transparency and real democracy . It may sound like utopia , but I strongly believe that the development of societies move forward with people who act innovative and courageously. 

We live in exciting times. What is your approach on this theme ? I would love to hear from you ! Join the discussion ! 
Have a fabulous week ! 


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