The How to Change the World Through Social Media TALK, by Yvette Larsson

We are living in an INFLUENCER era and the world needs YOU. Your community needs you !

You have a voice, so make it heard !  Dare to be authentic and change the community you live in, in a constructive and positive way !

Here is the content of   The ” Change the World Through Social Media ” TALK .

  • Freedom of Speech
  • Entrepreneurship : take an idea and make it real
  • What makes a brand
  • Values, vision, talent, impact and how it all contributes to your brand
  • Social media channels : efficient copywriting.
  • Digital and real life events
  • Storytelling
  • How to go viral
  • Statistics and timing
  • Be specific
  • Create meaning for others
  • Find solutions for others
  • Courage  and authenticity
  • The importance of Network
  • Dare to make your voice heard


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